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The famous DEKABR brand is from China. It is born in Jinjiang City, China in twenty-first Century. Jinjiang as one of the famous brand cities in China, is known for the number and variety of shoes. DEKABR brand has its own team of designers. In the material selection, leather tanning, forging and quality inspection, DEKABR brand adheres to the concept of Exquisite Workmanship. AAA Shoe Company believes that the real classic art will not be forgotten with the passing of time. DEKABR brand shoes have fine workmanship and unique style, and the designers also design shoes according to the characteristics of leather materials. So, the DEKABR brand shoes have the characteristics such as elegance, fine workmanship, Leisure and comfort and so on. At the same time, the DEKABR brand shoes also embody the British style, fashion, classics and the innovative spirit. Because of these, it soon becomes one of the influential brands in high-end and middle-end European market.